About Us

We Use FDA Compliant paints, products 

& natural henna paste

 Licensed & Insured

Asheville Face and Body Art iwas a collective of local, professional artists and performers who come together to create magical and amazing experiences for your parties, festivals and events that has been going for almost 10 years! 

We always strive to bring a quality professional experience. We practice industry standard hygienic practices and procedures, and only use the highest quality products. We invest into training, and constantly improving our skills. It is a labor of love to bring smiles all around. 

As with time, life shifts, and I have been lead to change the name to Transformation face & body Art, to signify a new beginning and a new life energy for me as the owner. I now travel to other places I am up for exploring new places and opportunities and hope to be reaching further. I still work & share my business with the local Asheville community as we work together for events as such, however as I travel as well, I'd to share my experiences with this through this website / blog,  Facebook page, and Instagram.  I feel that with my personal life experiences I am able to really listen and give people artwork, that helps them see themselves as their true self, and do it quickly! lol. 
 here is a review from our Google listing: 

"I was asked what I wanted to be painted as, or how I wanted to be painted. I said, go with what you feel from me. I ended up a Celtic Warrior Princess. This, very much so, is who I am, deep inside, as I have survived multiple traumas throughout my life and am of that heritage. Amy didn't know know anything about that part of my life when she painted me. My memory of this work is spiritually dear to me. For this reason and so much more, I highly recommend any work she does..."

About the Owner

Professional Background:
I have a degree in graphic design and fine arts from Florida State College. I used that to gain work experience as graphic designer & and as a professional in the sign industry, as well as business management, & bookkeeping.  I have found a great way to combine a variety of talents to run a service based business doing what I love, and what brings joy into the world.  I am observant, gentle, and patient allowing me to work with all types of participants from young children, to special needs adults, while also being aware of time, and other considerations to keep an event running smoothly.

I have made weekly blog tutorials for www.facepaints.com, for two years and also frequently for www.halloweenmakeup.com/blog. Here are a few posts: Rainbow Face UnicornPop Art Make up Tutorial: Harley Quinn Makeup

Personal Background:

I am a single mom, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn,.artist, dancer, and dreamer.  I am a survivor and I am also disabled. I have great empathy and compassion towards those who face these challenges in our community. That is why I am constantly involved in supporting and uplifting those who have to face these challenges.  My volunteer focus with my company and personally is generally with  (C)PTSD awareness., mental health , disability, migraine , trauma,   domestic & sexual violence.
I aim to create safe spaces in community, including events and festivals where people can be themselves and empowered through transformation.   Many times trauma can cause circumstances we can never image, and isolate folks from community. Community and connection is important for healing and growing. My mission is to bring healing and awareness so we can support and include all walks of life, regardless of gender, race, disability or upbringing, 


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