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Professional Event Services

This includes a table, chair, signage and a full setup of paints and supplies using FDA compliant paints and cosmetic grade products.  A list or theme can be accommodated beforehand. Artist is experienced in working large events with high volume, and offering artistic skill. Artist will dress in either all black, or if able, to accommodate your theme.  A book of the artists designs and portfolio is available to bring to the event......  $100 per hour for each service below.

Birthday Parties

This includes a table, chair, signage and a full setup of paints and supplies. A list or theme can be accommodated beforehand. Artist will dress in either all black, or if able,  to accommodate your theme.  A book of the artists designs is available to bring to the event. 
$100 per hour for each service below. 


Face Painting
From small designs, fast paced / high volume, to intricate designs we have the artistic background to offer quality designs for a variety of event needs. We only use FDA compliant face paints and products.  Gently washes off with soap and water. 

Traditional Henna 
All natural henna along with traditional and non traditional designs. With natural henna paste, you let the paste sit for at least two hours to overnight, then the stain underneath will brighten to a beautiful orange and set within the next 24 to 48 hours. The burgundy stain will last anywhere from 1 to 2  weeks. 

Temporary Tattoos 
The temporary tattoo ink is a fun product that is quite versatile. Using both a collection of stencils and hand drawn designs, these can look like real tattoos, or use henna designs to make white henna. Adding glitter make it really beautiful.  Takes only a few minutes to dry,  and then is set to go, and is waterproof. Last 3 to 5 days. Fingertips last 1 to 2 days.  Can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

Body Painting 
Using sponge and brush technique we can accommodate a variety of projects from  Prenatal Belly Painting, to Full Coverage for photo shoots, performance, and costuming. 

UV painting
Glows under black light. Fun for face painting or body painting. We have an extra blacklight to bring. 

Waterproof Face Painting
Great for pool parties, sweat resistant make up. last for days. 

Henna Parties:
Gather friends around for a night of fun getting henna designs.  Designs of artists work are brought to your location.  Henna is a paste that takes twenty minutes to dry, then the paste is left on as long as possible, anywhere from a couple of hours to overnight. The longer it's left on, the longer and brighter the stain will last Remove the paste by gently pealing or scraping. Over the next day or two the stain will come out. Ideally, plan your henna party for a couple days before you want to show off your design. 

Prenatal Belly Art:
This can be done with either henna, or body paint. Takes about two hours, and perfect for photoshoots. Professional photography can be arranged if you would like to buy as a package. 

Hula Hoops:
Handmade durable hula hoops ready for play. We can provide instruction, and demonstrate basic moves, or just bring a stake of hoops for play. 

Costume Appearance  We have a variety of classic characters to dress as. Depending on artist and availability, from Cat, Tiger,Fairy, Pirate, Witch, Elf, Princess, Disco Queen, etc. Let us know your theme! 

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